​Book Review – SOLDIER’S GIRL 

Hi everyone,

Here I’m  again with a book review. This time the book is a love story. “Soldier’s Girl- (Love story of a Para-commando)” is written by Swapnil Pandey.

Description:  How does it feel to love a warrior? Die every day yet live?
‘Ananya’ is a fashionista. Undisputed swag queen whose life is so messed up. Caught with weed she wasn’t even smoking on last day of her college and what more falls for a deadly Para Commando ‘Captain Aakash’ who doesn’t walk but slithers from helicopters, slaughters deadly terrorists, saves innocent hostages,follows unconventional warfare and sleeps with his TAR-21 assault rifle.
The Victorian streets of Kolkata witness a romance where honour and chivalry safeguard the boundaries of once in a lifetime love. But as fate conspires, Aakash abandons her after a passionate love making for surgical strikes at LOC. She solace in ‘Captain Anant’ and they sure had their fun moments. From kicking turds outside a discotheque to pester her bitchy friends but it all lasts until a horrendous war break out between India and Pakistan where Arjun Tanks ram Pakistani tanks, Jaguar fighter planes bomb Pok and INS Arihant captures the Karachi ports. It’s brutal and heartbreaking. The miseries engulf her soul, Aakash goes missing but Anant returns.
Do you believe in Cinderella stories? Do you think fairy tales exists? Do you believe true love conquers all? If not then this ‘not so typical’ love story is for you where brothers in arms replace Uncles and Auntyjis, the army wives replace usual women, the commandos replaced the nerds, betrayal defines friendship, mum is the ocean of tears, the glittering world of Army life has layers and amidst all the chaos exist two different hearts bound by one thread.
Live the story extraordinary of an ‘Army girlfriend’.
About the author:  An army wife who leads her daily life among warriors! A BIT Mesra Alumni who ended up doing 100 different jobs before settling to be an author! A proud social media influencer who loves tweeting about things that catch her attention! And at last a professional blogger who loves pouring her heart and talks a lot about army life at her blog https://girlandworld.com.

Also she’s a huge green tea addict and complete fitness freak. She adores her Chanel perfumes, Zara trousers, MAC lipsticks and her love for the shoes bothers her mom. Apart from this, she is a completely dedicated army wife who loves attending all the social evenings, enthusiastically participate into ladies meets and associates with all kinds of army welfare programs that she comes across while traveling the length and breadth of the country with her very own soldier.
You can contact her @swapy6 on Twitter, on her Facebook page ‘soldier’s girl‘ or on her Instagram ​Book Review – SOLDIER’S GIRL  ‘girlandworlds‘.

My view on the book:   So it was love story…Umm…My very first experience of reading any love story like this.. I mean I couldn’t imagine that a love story can be like this….

Swapy wrote this book as first person…. She introduced every character very nicely.. as the story starts, you’ll take a time to go with the flow of book…But as soon as you read More, you’ll definitely lose yourself in the book… You’ll feel like all that is happening around you. 
The book is an amazing combo of emotions… Like, love, friendship, motherhood, brother’s love, college life, roomie’s love, tragedy… Every thing was there…! Royal parties, beauty….Just everything was there.. I very firstly got interacted with army life and wife.
The love letters 😍.. oh god! Kinda different but full of love….You can imagine what will be in a love later of a commando who’s fighting on the border! You’ll fall for Captain Aakash…I myself fell for him😍😍😍

This is a love story which later became a love triangle..👻… And at the very last.. it was too dramatic… And like it happens with every good story….A good ending! _”Everything is going to be OK at the end, if it is not okay then it is not the end!”_
This sentence will let you believe in the good.. this will lead you towards positiveness…!

I’m sure this book will rock in new generation!
Guys go for it…. A Worth reading book..!
You can get your copy here SOLDIER’S GIRL 

Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned…


20 thoughts on “​Book Review – SOLDIER’S GIRL 

  1. Woah! This was a hell of a big review post. Never expected you would write lengthy note like this. I am glad you have attempted such a nice review. For me it is an intriguing story with vivid description of army life and its lifeline. Congratulations to the author for her book. Waiting to read more long content in your blog. Good luck 🙂

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  2. I read this book and I don’t think anything is left to be described after reading this warm and amazing review by our own Raman for my sweetheart Swappy


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